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Lankhorst Offshore

Lankhorst Offshore is a world leader in the development, engineering and manufacture of synthetic fibre ropes for single point mooring offloading systems, deepwater mooring and floating offshore wind turbines.


Innovation is at the heart of Lankhorst’s business.

Lankhorst Offshore is committed to setting the standard for performance and reliability in the most demanding offshore environments. Their strengths in engineering and technical know-how are matched by an in-depth knowledge of offshore applications stretching back over more than 200 years.

Lankhorst Offshore continuously strives for improved product performance, customer satisfaction and product innovation. As part of WireCo® WorldGroup, the world’s leader in manufacturing, engineering, and distributing wire rope, synthetic rope, specialized assemblies, wire products and electromechanical cable, they draw on extensive research and testing facilities at WireCo®  WorldGroup’s Global Synthetics R&D facility in Portugal. Here Lankhorst Offshore has an on-going research program into mooring and deployment rope materials and constructions, designed to support offshore energy companies in meeting ever more demanding project and environmental challenges.

HoseCo provide local service and support for Lankhorst Offshore products in the region.


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