Company in Brief

Established in 1999, HoseCo Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned specialty hose, fittings and hydraulics services business, which currently operates from five locations across Australia. The company’s strategically located offices, warehouses, and stores are aimed at servicing a wide range of markets, including Oil and Gas, Mining and Mineral Processing, Drilling, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transport and Waste Management among others. Long-standing associations with leading international manufacturers allow HoseCo to continue to provide the most modern and innovative solutions to its clients.

HoseCo’s warehouses are fully equipped with state of the art equipment to provide one of the most comprehensive range of hose assemblies and services available. In addition to the supply of industrial, hydraulic and specialised resources hose and fittings, HoseCo provides complete hose management solutions, consultancy, flexible engineering, and mobile services including fully equipped on-site containerised workshops available for both on and offshore use.

We are committed to continual business improvement and at the core of our business is our Quality Management System. Our industry & product accreditations continue to lead the industry.

HoseCo’s highly reputable team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and vast experience in the supply of products and services across the major industries while holding in excess of more than 75 years of combined experience in hose manufacturing, design, management, wholesaling and distribution.

The HoseCo Difference

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Vision and Values

We here at HoseCo hold our values at the core of everything we do; Safety, Efficiency, Accountability, Reliability, Care, Honesty.

HoseCo is dedicated to providing high quality products and services at competitive prices, while maintaining an unrivalled level of customer service. We seek to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, customers and employees.

HoseCo is committed to providing knowledgeable, reliable and prompt service, while striving to continually provide solutions that conform to customer requirements. We are committed to ensuring that we remain up-to-date with market trends and innovations, as well as balancing our local stock holdings with customer demand.


In 1999, HoseCo was formed establishing a 200sq m factory in Midvale which was to provide hose and fitting solutions with a range of 1,000 line items for the local industry.

In 2003, HoseCo purchased industrial fitting solutions in Welshpool in order to cater for its local market servicing expansion. HoseCo in Welshpool continues to provide hose and fitting solutions to its ever growing local market.

Shortly after in 2005 HoseCo built a new facility in Midvale housing over 8,000 line items to cater for its rapidly expanding client base and markets.

In 2012, HoseCo opened a new and separate hose assembly factory in Perth and Darwin installing the largest external crimping equipment – up to 10inch inside diameter hoses. Furthermore, new testing equipment up to 65,000PSI was also installed within the hose assembly factory to cater for its growing expansion into the oil & marine industry.

In 2019, HoseCo Brisbane will further spread HoseCo’s presence across Australia and will continue to provide express hose solutions to the Brisbane and broader Queensland market.

HoseCo now offers a range in excess of 15,000 line items and unmatched service capabilities to a range of industries across Australia.

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