Capabilities and Services

HoseCo are pleased to offer the following range of services which allows us to share the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience to make your business run more smoothly.

  • Hose Assemblies
  • Hose Management
  • Design Consultation and Datasheet Development
  • Audit and Inspection
  • Flexible Hose Assembly Register
  • Maintenance, Replacement and Recertification
  • Compliance
  • Training
  • Testing and Certification


Hose Assemblies

Our highly skilled team can manufacture custom made hoses specifically to fit the needs of your business. Contact us to find out more.

Hose Management

Ensuring flexible hose assemblies are well maintained is essential to the productivity, reliability and safety of any operation. HoseCo’s Flexible Hose Management Programs assist in successfully delivering services taking a holistic approach and applying them to small scale packages right through to large facilities.

Design Consultation and Datasheet Development

Working with our clients to develop best practice specifications is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of Flexible Hose Assemblies on facilities. Drawing upon our experience from around the globe we can assist in the design element of a project for a wide scope ranging from Hose Assemblies to Offtake Hoses, Bunkering Systems and beyond. Associated documentation can also be produced including GA Drawings, Datasheets, Policy Documents, Preventative Maintenance Plans and much more.

Audit and Inspection

All Flexible Hose Management Programs rely on the integrity of the available data. This can be ensured with regular auditing and inspection of Flexible Hoses onshore and offshore. HoseCo have inspection teams able to be mobilised anywhere, anytime.

Flexible Hose Assembly Register

Data compiled from audits and inspections is compiled and collated into a Flexible Hose Assembly Register. HoseCo manages this data and uses it to create alerts and schedule maintenance. This also acts as a reporting tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program. Access HoseCo Flexible Hose Assembly Registers online from any device anywhere.

Maintenance, Replacement and Recertification

Hose management programs drive the maintenance strategies of flexible hose assemblies. The programs take into account the criticality of the application, price, availability of replacements, service life of the assembly, and its suitability for refurbishment and or recertification.


Hose Management Programs assist clients with the overall compliance and traceability of their assets. Assigning unique identifiers and using labels, tags, barcodes and or RFID chips in a variety of materials HoseCo can ensure that every Flexible Hose Assembly on a facility can be
identified. Historical information on the Flexible Hose Assembly and the Material Document Register documentation can also be verified, referenced and stored.


HoseCo develops training tools and coordinates bespoke courses for clients. Delivered internally or externally, our programs ensure all levels of  staff receive appropriate training, from awareness through to hands-on technical assembly.

Early Detection: identifying potential failures and taking preventative action reduces downtime, and mitigates safety and environmental risks.
Asset Integrity: maintaining asset integrity and compliance maximises the serviceable life span and reliability of hose assemblies.
Data Quality: reliable and accurate documentation enables traceability, ensuring correct maintenance and replacement schedules are adhered to.

Testing and Certification

HoseCo management systems are certified to ISO 9001.
NATA accreditation provides independent third party assurance of technical competence and capability of a facility to conduct testing, inspection and calibration in line with Australian and International Standards. Our facilities comply with ISO17025:2005 and are NATA accredited to perform:

  • mechanical and hydrostatic
  • pressure testing of up to 60,000psi
  • electrical resistance and/or
  • conductivity of hose assemblies

Accreditation No: 19144


DNV GL is the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society and a technical advisor for global maritime, oil and gas and energy industries in over 100 countries. DNV certifies hose for use on floating vessels. HoseCo can provide hose assemblies with DNV-GL certification.

Repairs and recertification

HoseCo technicians are skilled and equipped to repair and recertify a range of flexible hose assemblies both in-house and offshore.
Testing and certification

Offshore Transfer Hoses (GMPHOM)

Offshore Transfer hoses for the offtake of crude oil, LNG and condensate are manufactured in accordance with the OCIMF GMPHOM 2009  Guide. HoseCo install, test, repair, recertify and manage these hoses, their reeling systems and associated couplings.

API Drilling Production Hoses

Drilling Production Hoses for onshore and offshore applications should be inspected and tested at regular intervals. HoseCo carry out inspections to ISS 059 guidelines for API 7K, 16C and 17K hoses for cementing, choke and kill applications among others.