Product Overview

Oil, Gas & Marine Product Overview

A comprehensive offering

We offer a complete suite of products ranging from Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHAs) to complete fluid transfer systems which are sourced from our quality assured global network or directly imported to ensure consistent product availability. This galvanises our supply chain efficiency and preserves business continuity for our valued clients.

Our technically qualified teams manufacture a full spectrum of hose assemblies and custom engineered solutions to fulfill project specific requirements. All hose assemblies and couplings are factory tested and certified to the highest Australian and International safety standards.

A display of hoses with hose end fittings

Oil, Gas & Marine Hose

  • Bunkering
  • Process chemical
  • LNG/cryogenic
  • Offtake loading to the latest OCIMF guidelines
  • Dock loading
  • Blow Out Preventer (BOP)
  • Subsea lines including umbilicals
  • Top side utility
  • Ultra high pressure
  • General hydraulic
  • Cementing
  • High pressure drilling and production lines to the latest API specifications
  • Fracturing hose

Bunkering Hose

Robust range of hoses designed to supply cement, fuel, potable water and drilling materials to offshore facilities via floating strings from offshore supply vessels in adverse conditions. The addition of crimped end fittings, floats, plus breakaway and dry disconnect couplings, ensure longevity of assemblies with a minimum of risk.

Process Chemical Hose

Hose features extreme chemical resistance to easily transfer contaminated or hazardous materials. Applications include safe transfer of acids, solvents, petroleum products and other chemicals during oil and gas extraction and processing. Our extensive range of chemical hoses is suitable for 98% of existing chemicals.

LNG/Cryogenic Hose

Cryogenic hoses are primarily used in the decanting or transfer of liquid nitrogen from one storage container to another. Constructed from high grade, flexible stainless steel, these hoses are kink resistant, and engineered to withstand cryogenic chemical processing pressure and temperatures.

Newly developed hose assemblies for the LNG market are now available in large sizes up to 20”.

Offtake Loading Hose

Used in loading and unloading operations as a means to safely transfer product from fixed offshore installations to shuttle tankers. Transfer applications include Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), condensate, oil, chemicals and particulates. Product range includes submarine and floating type hoses manufactured to suit specific loading facilities and installations.

All hose assemblies are manufactured in accordance with the latest OCIMF guidelines.

Condensate Offtake Hose

HoseCo is the only company in Australia that is NATA accredited to certify Condensate Offtake Hoses in line with the GMPHOM 2009 guidelines.

HoseCo have a proven ability to conduct full Condensate Offtake Hose Changeouts across Australia including the assembly of the string, the marine components involved in these projects, the handover in-field and the disassembly on return, including full project, quality and HSE reporting to an unrivalled level.

HoseCo have full NATA accredited recertification capabilities that include Hydrostatic Testing, Pneumatic Testing, Vacuum Testing and Electrical Continuity Testing.  HoseCo also manages the ongoing maintenance, storage and documentation reporting for any spares management our clients may require.

Dock Loading Hose

Suction and discharge dock loading hose used for ship-to-shore applications; available in varying composition to suit media transfer for oil products, petrochemicals, LPG, bitumen and asphalt.

HoseCo’s range of dock loading hose assemblies is manufactured in accordance with EN 1765.

Blow Out Preventer (BOP)

Blow Out Preventers (BOP) provide effective control and flame resistance in emergency situations where operation is critical during exposure to fire and high temperature by providing hydraulic power to seal the well head.

Our BOP product range of high pressure hose assemblies is fire rated by Lloyds Register of Shipping and meets DNV Requirements.

Subsea Lines (including Umbilicals)

HoseCo offers a range of thermoplastic subsea lines, including the ability to supply umbilicals.

Top Side Utility

HoseCo offers a complete range of air, water, and nitrogen utility hoses, in line with oil, gas and marine industry specifications.

Ultra High Pressure

Generally used in blasting applications and supplied as assemblies to support ongoing maintenance programs.

General Hydraulic

Available in a range of construction types, sizes, lengths and pressure ratings to suit low to ultra-high pressure hydraulic systems.


High pressure hose assemblies specifically designed for cementing applications. Hose assemblies are normally supplied with one-piece hammer union style crimped ends.

High Pressure Drilling and Production Lines in Accordance with the Latest API Standards

Engineered specifically for drilling operations to withstand gouging, harsh weather, oil and other corrosive fluids common at drilling sites. Rotary drilling, vibrator and gas/liquid hose assemblies offer flexible, high pressure connection between standpipe and swivel, or between pump and standpipe.

Fracturing Hose

Used for the delivery of drilling water, mud, chemicals, slurry and oil in fracking applications, the abrasion resistant, high pressure and tensile reinforced lay-flat construction provides effective suction and discharge services for this Fracturing application. Other uses can include the transfer of fracturing fluid, frac sand, chemicals, gel and water.

A display of hose fittings

Oil, Gas & Marine – Couplings

  • Hammer unions
  • Dry break couplings
  • Claw type couplings
  • Marine breakaway couplings
  • Band and buckles
  • Instrumentation tube fittings and valves
  • Ultra High Pressure (UHP) valves and adaptors
  • Camlocks

Hammer Unions

High-pressure connections with threaded or buttweld ends, allowing multiple configurations for use in a variety of oilfield and industrial applications, particularly where hose or pipe require easy disconnection and reconnection.

Dry Break Couplings

Dry break couplings are used to facilitate connection/disconnection of filled hose or pipelines when operating under pressure to transfer hazardous or non-hazardous material. Particularly effective for applications where people and/or the environment need to be protected from hazardous leaks, or protecting sensitive media without environmental contamination. Couplings feature automatic sealing mechanisms at both ends to transfer media without leaks or loss, effectively minimising the risk of spills, and reducing down time and labour costs associated with more conventional connection methods.

Applications include Ship-to-Ship transfer (Bunkering), Ship-to-Shore transfer (PSVs), Ship-to-Rig transfer, marine refuelling and bulk loading and unloading of road tankers, rail cars and ship terminals.

Our dry break couplings are manufactured in accordance with STANAG requirements and in a variety of materials.

Claw Type Couplings

Generally used with utility hoses, the claw type couplings are used to connect two ends without bolting, enabling quick coupling and decoupling to or from a moveable hose, or a loading arm to a fixed flange on a truck or ship. Couplings are resistant to oil and temperature changes, providing secure connection and long working life even under difficult conditions.

Bunkering Marine Breakaway Couplings

Disproportionate tension can mechanically damage or destroy the connection point and load line, posing potential hazards to human and environmental safety. Marine breakaway or weak link couplings are designed to break their bolts under excessive tensile load such as adverse sea conditions. Automatic seals provide instantaneous double closure with 100% shut-off to prevent loss of medium. Typically used in ship-toship transfer, ship-to-shore transfer, ship-to-rig transfer, and marine refuelling. Couplings are designed to resist bending or twisting, preventing unwanted tension on the load line under environmental demands of offshore product transfer.


Marine Breakaway Couplings for today’s offshore environment. Working with some of the worlds leading manufacturers, dedicated SPM terminal couplings can be supplied and serviced by HoseCo from within Australia.

Bands & Buckles

HoseCo offers a range of stainless steel bands and buckles suitable for varying applications, including coupling of undersea pipelines or wires and bundling of automation or electrical tubing, to pipe on drilling and production platforms.

Instrumentation Tube Fittings & Valves

Offshore rigs, refinery plants and gas handling systems are highly sensitive to flow fluctuations. Components offer high standards of reliability, corrosion resistance and effective regulation of vibration, temperature and pressure surges.

Ulta High Pressure (UHP) Valves & Adaptors

Ultra-high pressure valves and fittings for fluid and gas flow in oil, gas and marine industries are able to accommodate the high temperatures and pressures typical in these applications.


Fittings allow for quick, secure connections of hoses to tanks or other hoses to support air, fluid or gas transfer. Camlocks are available in a range of thread styles and material composition, including stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

A docked ship at twilight showing a hose linked from ship to shore

Oil, Gas & Marine – Accessories

  • Hose floats
  • Hose handling equipment
  • Single point mooring equipment

Hose Floats

Float collars are used to support sections of bulk hose that trail between the rig platform and supply vessel during transfer operations. Designed to allow hoses to bend and flex, while maintaining low resistance to waves, wind and current. Hose collars can be provided in lace up or polyethylene bolted types.

Hose Handling Equipment

Offshore hose strings endure harsh conditions during deployment. HoseCo offers a range of handling equipment to reduce damage risk and prolong hose life, including:

  • Hose lifter – designed to lift and position rig supply hose assemblies, offering a secure lift point for lowering the bulk hose string onto and off the supply vessel.
  • Hose bun – polyurethane saddles designed to suspend hoses, in line with manufacturer’s minimum bending radius, and protect the hose from kinking.
  • Hose caddy – designed to secure the hose and prevent slippage during transport when mobilising on deck.

Single Point Mooring

In partnership with world leading manufacturers, HoseCo offers a comprehensive designed package, tailored to suit individual location requirements and water temperatures.

Our full range of Single Point Mooring products is manufactured and supplied in strict accordance with the OCIMF “Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers”.

Our SPM product range offers outstanding operational performance, reliability, safety and on-time delivery.

Our bespoke Single Point Mooring packages can include:

  • Chafe chains
  • Mooring hawsers
  • Pick-up and messenger ropes
  • Support buoys
  • Shackles
  • Associated fittings
  • Load monitoring equipment
  • Marine hose ancillary equipment.

To assist you to find the right product for your needs, please take a look at our Technical Information brochure. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.