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Hose Management

Hose Management and Asset Intergrity Programs for flexible hoses. Extend the life of your assets, reduce costs and increase compliance for your facilities and operations.

Hose Management

Hose Management

HoseCo is a market leader in Australia with long-term contracts for Hose Management, Maintenance & Supply services for offshore and onshore facilities in the Energy and Defence industries.

Supported by partnerships with leading manufacturers from around the world HoseCo work with end users to mitigate safety risks and enhance reliability and efficiency.

Key areas of Hose Asset Integrity Management programs include:

  • Design, Consultation, Policy, Specifications, and Datasheet review & development
  • Audit and Inspection
  • HoseMS Hose Register
  • Maintenace Strategy
  • Traceability
  • Training

HoseCo Hose Management programs are powered by HoseMS which provides clients with a 24/7 web based access point to manage, monitor and maintain assets while acting as a storage point for all relevant certification and inspection documents.

With programs for facilities of all shapes and sizes managing the hoses on your facility does not need to be an onerous task or a costy one even for the most remote of locations.


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