Oil, Gas & Marine Division

Oil, Gas & Marine Division

HoseCo has the capability to offer a world leading range of specialist fluid handling products, services and Hose Management for the Oil & Gas, Marine, Defence and Mining markets.

Flexible engineering solutions

Established in 1999, HoseCo Australia Pty Ltd is a West Australian owned and operated business specialising in hose and hose assemblies. The company was established to supply a complete range of industrial hose, hydraulic hose and assemblies servicing a diverse client base from a broad spectrum of industries.

In 2012 due to growth in the Oil, Gas and Marine space, HoseCo established a specific business division to allow focus on this growing part of the business.

The division with operations in Perth and more recently Darwin, provides industry specific hose assembly solutions as well as providing an array of services unmatched in the industry.

Our factories are equipped with state of the art assembly, testing and servicing equipment that provide clients with locally based facilities and best practices previously only available internationally.

Oil well drill looking down into the sea

Please contact our Oil, Gas & Marine division directly for a quote or more information.

Hose Management – Maintenance & Supply Services


Testing, Certification & Documentation

HoseCo has certified staff to carry out certified inspection and testing of flexible hose assemblies including but not limited to:

  • API specification hoses
  • Floating hose
  • LNG transfer hose
  • Bunkering hose
  • Steam assemblies
  • Chemical assemblies
  • Production hoses

Training Programs

HoseCo can offer training programs for clients including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Hose assembly techniques
  • Basics of hose & fittings
  • Hose assembly design
  • Thread identification

Please contact your local branch for more information.

Mobile Services

‘Sometimes, it is better to call an expert’.

Time is money, and in critical applications, breakdowns and maintenance can carry a high cost. HoseCo Mobile Hose Service operators can come to you, with vehicles stocked for a wide variety of applications. Our highly trained operators will ensure that your equipment is up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving YOU money.

If time, expertise and a lack of available staff are issues for your business, consider using our Mobile Hose Service. Our service vehicles are fitted with hydraulic crimping facilities, power source, compressor, and hose cleaning equipment.

Contact us to make a booking.

HoseCo On-Site Workshop

At HoseCo, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we have the flexibility to offer hose and hydraulics solutions that are tailored to the needs of individual industries and clients. In order to better to service remotely located customers in the Oil and Gas and Mining industries, HoseCo offers a containerised on-site workshop solution.

Each container is provided complete with the standard equipment required to assemble hoses on-site, including a hose crimper (up to 2 inch), benches, cut-off saw and parts box system. HoseCo containerised workshops are customised and maintained according to individual client requirements. We offer on-site training, preventative maintenance advice, hose registers, and comprehensive studies to select stocked items.
In addition to standard and stocked items, HoseCo’s team are adept at sourcing non-standard items through our extensive supplier network. Your HoseCo representative will complete site visits at regular intervals, as agreed.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Internal and External Photos of Hoseco's On-Site Containerised Workshop

Other Unique Offerings

If you have a unique problem to overcome, we have the resources, experience and knowledge to custom-build a solution for your business.


Offspring International

Our team have recently developed an agreement with Offspring International (OIL) who are a leading supplier of high quality equipment for Single Point and Conventional Buoy Mooring and offloading systems, from provision of the entire offtake system, to replacement of mooring hawsers, hoses and associated hardware. This is allowing us to broaden our product range and provide our customers with the highest levels of products and service possible. Our product range now includes:

  • Single Point Mooring Systems
  • Conventional Buoy Mooring Systems
  • Lankhorst Mooring Hawsers and Pick-up Ropes
  • Chain, Shackles and Thimbles
  • Load Monitoring Equipment

Roman Seliger

HoseCo through Vantage by HoseCo are proud to be exclusive agents for Roman Seliger products throughout Australia. RS are considered one of the world-leading manufacturers in hose line and valve technology for the safe transport and control of a wide variety of media.

Dry Disconnect & Marine Breakaway Couplings

Ensures the safe transfer of liquids whilst facilitating fast coupling and decoupling of hose and pipe lines under pressure without significant leaks or loss of the handled fluid. Dry disconnect couplings & marine safety breakaway couplings have become the industry standard in offshore operations to ensure the safe transfer of media without significant loss.

Unwanted and disproportionate tensile load on the load line, caused, for example, when tanker trucks and rail wagons move off too soon or by ships drifting, can mechanically damage or even destroy both the connection points and the load line itself. This can lead to uncontrolled leaks of the media being loaded, posing a corresponding hazard to humans and the environment. The safety breakaway coupling allows the safe separation of a hose assembly with minimal loss of liquid whilst ensuring easy handling using a carefully designed twist operation.

Applications include

  • Terminals
  • Ship-to-Ship
  • Ship-to-Shore
  • Ship-to-Rig
  • Road Tankers
  • Rail cars

To find out more about the Oil, Gas & Marine Division, please take a look at our Corporate Profile, or contact us.